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Cheviot Hills Military Academy was founded in 1946 by Frank J. Brick to teach classes from kindergarten through the ninth grade. CHMA averaged approximately 150 students ranging over the 10 grades. Most boarded with the younger set on the lower floor and higher grades housed on the second floor. The dining room and kitchen facilities were located in the daylight basement. The lower grades had classrooms in the daylight basement and the main classrooms can be seen in the adjoining pictures across the back yard from the main building.

A small contingent of students did not board but were bussed daily or driven in by parents. Otherwise boarding students were allowed to go home on weekends but had to be back before inspection on Monday morning. In order to serve the boarding students, all meals were provided, laundry facilities and house mothers attended to the needs of all boarders twenty-four hours a day. A five bed infirmary was staffed by a registered nurse at all times with routine visits by a medical doctor.

Located in the north end of Culver City in an area called Cheviot Hills, this property began as Pacific Military Academy in 1929. At the beginning of World War II, the property was taken over by the Army to be used as barracks for a film training school. After the war, the property was acquired and became Cheviot Hills Military Academy. It operated for only six years before being sold to become a Catholic high school.