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Real War Stories by Those Who Were There

I was fortunate in 1997 to become a volunteer at the Palm Springs Air Museum. At the time, it was strictly a World War II museum but has since branched into later wars. My involvement spanned fourteen years and during that time, I met some incredible people--World War II veterans. One of my volunteer duties was the creation and operation of a Website the purpose of which was to attract visitors. Visitors are the primary source of funding for this non-profit institution which is now recognized by CNN and many others as the best in California.

In building that Website one of my goals was to introduce our World War II volunteers by preserving their accounts through interviews. Some time ago, the museum's Website was assumed by commercial Website developers and these interviews are no longer available so my intent is to present them here. As you peruse them, realize they these interviews date from 1998-1999. Most of these “Greatest Generation” members have passed on but their stories remain.

These narratives are presented in two formats. Interviews by this Webmaster and articles written by this Webmaster or by the individual. It will be easy to determine by which.

Please click on the links at the top of these pages to learn why this is the "Greatest Generation."

Pictured above is B17G Miss Angela on one of her last flights in 2004. The Palm Springs Air Museum maintains her looking forward to the day she will fly again.

TR Clark