Website Comments

12/6/2001 Attn Webmaster:

Thank you very much for such an in depth look at the USS Hawkbill SS-366! This website has given me greater insight to my grandfather's experience. I look forward to showing the site to my children.

Thank you again! Christin Comer Dalaviras

4/26/2002 Attn Webmaster:

I served on board the USS Henry Clay SSBN-625 and have always been fascinated by submarines, especially the boats and men who served during World War II. I have spent a lot of time browsing the individual submarine Websites, reading their war patrol histories and in general, trying to imagine what the crews must have gone through. I found the Hawkbill's Website last night and found myself totally wrapped up in the crew and their history. This is by far the best submarine Website I've found, for you not only told the story of the boat but you've managed to bring the crew to life. My fascination in WWII submarines is not just the battles, but the personal stamina and courage of the crews. Is there a method of e-mailing the Website or even individual crew members to express my gratitude and best wishes for what they did for our country? Like you, I believe their story cannot be forgotten, especially for the 52 crews that didn't return. You're right in what you said about a Webmaster being honored by the privilege of telling their story. You have put together a Website that not only tells their stories, but brings the crews personality to life. I would have been proud to have served with someone like Captain Scanland. Thanks for the Website. It has a special bookmark of its own.

Les Long MM1 (ss)

5/4/2002 Attn Webmaster:

This E mail is comming to you from Ted Norde, son of Hank Norde--Hawkbill 366. I happen to be paying my monthly visit with my dad today. During the visit he told me all about the Kansas Hawkbill reunion and told me to check your Hawkbill website. I have heard few stories of the Hawkbill throughout my life. I have always wanted to know more but it seemed for me, not the right subject to dig into with my dad.

I must commend you for what you have done with your research and website. What you have done is to help keep this important part if history alive. You have also helped me understand this important part of my fathers past. You have my utmost respect. Thank you!!

Theodore L Norde

10/21/2004 Attn Webmaster:

Thanks soo much for your great site. I was trying to research my father-in-law's war history. I have some of the same photos you have posted (like the launching and a different one of Spencer Tracy). My husband never knew much about his Dad's war service.This site is great help. His father was William M. Nixon (commissioning crew).

Thanks again for your information--very important to all of us!!!

Vicki Nixon

12/2/2004 Attn Webmaster:

I stumbled across this Website the other night. I was a young officer aboard the Hawkbill starting with the 3rd Patrol until my discharge in April 1946. Worth Scanland was my role model [for leadership ]all my life. Lou Fockele, Murph and all the officers and crew were the finest group of men that any ship or organization could have. I remember crew members crying at the dock when they were replaced and given well earned time in the relief crews after 4-5 patrols.

Lou Fockele's and the Captain's stories bring back to life, the main events, which I can now remember and re-live. I was "Plotting Officer" on these attacks and still have the original hand plot of the "Kamikazi" attack. I was always convinced that the Captain fired in time and the problem was with the new type of torpedo we were trying for the first time I remember arriving back at the tender, after that patrol, where we were interrogated by the officers involved with the use of this torpedo. We came close to throwing them overboard. Worth Scanland could not have made a mistake. Thanks for bringing this period of my life back to reality.

Richard W. Muzzy, Lt. jg (DE)

4/1/2016 Attn Webmaster:

I just went through your website on the 366 as my Dad served on the boat from its commissioning till 1945/6. I really enjoyed reading the history of the boat. Thank you for doing that.

Here is a picture of my Dad, Lee in front of and below the USS Drum, on display at the USS Alabama Memorial Park, Mobil Bay, Alabama in 2003. Third picture is with me, two of my three sons and Pop. He attended the 2000 reunion but was absent for the picture.

Use these pictures any way you see fit.

Best regards, Mike Story