Reunion Information - Hawkbill SS-366

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Ellis Augsburger
[ed note 12/22/2010: Not a reunion shot since the number of remaining crew is too
small to have a reunion] This is from an article appearing in the Akron Beacon Journal

    Reunion at Olathe, Kansas April 18, 2002

Twenty one people from Hawkbill attended the reunion in Olathe, Kansas the weekend of April 18th, 2002. We were honored to have 5 family members of deceased shipmates in attendance: Imogene Jones, widow of A.C. Jones, and her son Tom Jones and her daughter Venna Titus -- Also Treva Rigby, widow of Floyd Rigby, and her daughter Bette Bench. We were also very pleased to have Jan and Hennie Oldenhuis attending. Jan served on the Hawkbill (Zeeleew 1) in the Royal Dutch Navy. We were also fortunate to have Dick Clark be a part of our reunion. I'm sure all of you are aware of the fact that Dick is the creator of the Hawkbill web sites for both the SS 366 and the SSN 666. Dick's son Scott served on the SSN 666 in the early 1980's. Our shipmates attending were Walt Rohde, Clyde House, Hank Norde, Aubrey and Ann Hamlett, "Carl" and Betty Carlblom, Revis and Bernadette Carman, Ken and Eunice Meuser, and Ellis and Myrna Augsburger.

Thanks to Grover "Sam" McLeod, who unfortunately was unable to attend, for sending a check so that we might enjoy some imbibing of "spirits".

Thanks also to Don and Nora Pinkston of the Kansas Dry-docked Dolphins, for their hospitality and aid in making our reunion a success. Airport pickups, luncheon recommendations, and whatever else we needed, they provided. Our Hawkbill Reunion luncheon was enjoyed at the Machine Shed Restaurant in Olathe. Kansas Dry-docked Dolphins were the hosts for the South Central Regional Convention of the Sub Vets of WWll, and all involved made us feel very much a part of their group. It was great to make new friends and acquaintances.

Sad note on Lou Fockele: most of you may already be aware of the fact that Lou died Memorial Day weekend. We had good officers aboard the Hawkbill and Lou was one of the best!

    Best regards,

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Scanlands Reunion at King's Bay, Georgia November 2000
by Ellis Augsburger

Captain Worth Scanland and Dorothy displaying the battle flag.

This was our largest reunion to date, 22 shipmates, one widow, and wives and friends, for a total of 40 people. Very remarkable, when you consider our diminished numbers, advanced ages, and the infirmities that inhabit the bodies of some of us. This was a great reunion, kind of a "mountain top" experience for all present. Those attending were: Captain Worth and Dorothy Scanland; Ellis "Augie" and Myrna Augsburger; Don and Eleanor Biggs; Vern "Carl" and Betty Carlblom; Revis and Bernadette Carman; Paul Comer; Bennie Compton; C. Frank and Betty Frankfurt; Aubrey and Ann Hamlett; Virginia High; Clyde House; Joe and Rosalyn Kail; Don Krueger, Betty McLaughlin and Wilma Wright; Robert "Doe" and Dorothy Melanson and sister Teresa Byerley; Ken and Eunice Meuser; Paul and Alice Murdock; Hank Norde; Wait Rohde; Walter "Doc" Rohre; Eric and Shirley Schroder; Lee Story; John and Dorothy Stull; Ed and Ruth Updike. Our Hawkbill luncheon at Borrell Creek Landing was the highlight of our week at Kings Bay, it brought us all together at one place at one time. The Captain addressed us after lunch and dessert. He recalled some of our experiences together so many years ago, and expressed his and Dorothy's pleasure of being able to make the trip, and their appreciation to all of us for being there. Needless to say, we were all so very pleased that they honored us with their presence. Scanning the group, it was impossible not to notice a number of "old" men, wiping a tear or two from their eye. The Captain gave each of us a momento to take home from our reunion. It was a book that he and Dorothy had put together, a trilogy titled "In Harm's Way", recalling some of our most memorable war time experiences. Excellent reading!

Attendees to the 2000 Reunion

Group Photo

Left to right: Front row: Hank Norde, Robert "Doc" Melanson, Capt. Scanland, Walter "Doc" Rohre, Ellis Augsburger, Bennie Compton, Paul Murdock.

Second row: Don Biggs, C. Frank Frankfurt, Revis Carman, Eric Schroder, John Stull, Ed Updike, Paul Comer, Clyde House, Ken Meuser.

Third row: Aubrey Hamlett, Don Krueger, Vernon "Carl" Carlblom, Walt Rohde.

Joe Kail and Lee Story not present for Photo.

Group Photo

Left to right: Eunice Meuser, Myrna Augsburger, Eleanor Biggs, Betty Frankfurt, Ann Hamlett, Bernadette Carman, Alice Murdock, Betty Carlblom, Ruth Updike, Dorothy Stull, Virginia High, Shirley Schroder. The lady with her face hidden, behind lady with white hair and blue shirt is Dorothy Melanson. Rosalie Kail was absent for picture. Dorothy Scanland seated.

Past Reunions

A reunion of Manitowoc Built Boat Submarine Sailors was held on September 28, 29 & 30 - 1998 at Manitowoc, WI.

Reunion at Manitowoc in 1998
by Ellis Augsburger

Report from Manitowoc: seven of us from the Hawkbill, plus five of our wives, Rex Murphy lost his wife earlier this year and Bennie Compton has been a widower for many years. Six boats had reunions for a total of about 80 husbands and wives. The most memorable and moving part of these reunions is the Lost Boat Ceremony often times done at the banquet, as was done at this ceremony. Fifty two small sub replicas, each with the name of a lost boat and a candle inserted on the conning tower are placed on the dining tables. Lights are dimmed, candles lit, and as the name of each lost boat is called and the bell tolled, someone near that replica snuffs the candle on that boat. It is a very moving experience!

Most of the attendees usually visit the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and the Cobia. This is a great museum and the director Issaco Valli and the staff, are very hospitable to the Sub Vets. This museum is a must see for people interested the the subs built there as well as those who are interested in Great Lakes shipping vessels of the past and present.

Group Picture

Picture of Hawkbill reunion attendees in front of the submarine, Cobia, at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. The life preserver, carrying the name, Hatsutaka, came from a destroyer sunk by the Hawkbill in 1945. Left to right: Eric Schroder, Don Biggs, Lloyd Finstad, Rex Murphy, Bennie Compton, Ellis Augsburger and Paul Murdock

Revis Carman & Gene Crisp

Revis Carman (on left) and Gene Crisp display the battle flag.

Manitowoc reunion 1986

Reunion at Manitowoc in 1996: Standing L to R: Lloyd Finstad, Bennie Compton, Ellis Augsburger, Don Krueger, Don Biggs, Doug Nichols.
Seated L to R, John Wrestler, Hank Norde, Eric Schroder, Ken Helgeson, Paul Murdock, Ken Meuser.

Manitowoc reunion 1988

Reunion at Manitowoc in 1988: Top Row: Biggs, Finstad, Helgeson, Kendrick, Carlblom
Middle Row: Fockele, Krueger, Norde, Murdock, Updike, Augsburger and Compton
Bottom Row: Schroder, Scanland, Tucker and Murphy