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R-12Sunk cause unknown42 men lost, 3 survivors6/12/4389
S-26Rammed by escort46 men lost 2 survivors1/24/42131
S-27Ran agroundNo loss of life6/19/42132
S-28Sunk cause unknownAll hands lost7/4/44133
S-36Ran agroundNo loss of life1/20/42141
S-39Ran agroundNo loss of life8/16/42144
S-44Sunk by surface craft55 men lost, 2 survivors taken prisoner10/7/43155
AlbacoreSunk by enemy minesAll hands lost11/7/44218
AmberjackSunk by surface craft & aerial bombsAll hands lost2/16/43219
ArgonautSunk by surface craftAll hands lost1/10/43166
BarbelSunk by aerial bombsAll hands lost2/4/45316
BonefishSunk by surface craftAll hands lost6/18/45223
BullheadSunk by aerial bombsAll hands lost (Last sub lost in WWII)8/6/45332
CapelinSunk by surface craftAll hands lost11/23/43289
CiscoSunk by surface craft & aerial bombsAll hands lost9/28/43290
CorvinaSunk by enemy subAll hands lost11/16/43226
DarterRan agroundNo loss of life10/24/44227
DoradoSunk by friendly aircraftAll hands lost10/12/43248
EscolarSunk by enemy minesAll hands lost10/17/44294
FlierSunk by enemy mines78 men lost, 8 survivors8/13/44250
GoletSunk by surface craftAll hands lost6/14/44361
GrampusSunk by surface craftAll hands lost3/5/43207
GraybackSunk by surface craft & aerial bombsAll hands lost2/26/44208
GraylingSunk cause unknownAll hands lost9/9/43209
GrenadierSunk by aerial bombsAll taken prisoner, 4 died in POW camp4/22/43210
GrowlerSunk cause unknownAll hands lost11/8/44215
GrunionSunk cause unknownAll hands lost8/16/42216
GudgeonSunk by surface craft & aerial bombsAll hands lost6/7/44211
HarderSunk by surface craftAll hands lost8/24/44257
HerringSunk by surface craft & aerial bombsAll hands lost6/1/44233
KeteSunk cause unknownAll hands lost3/20/45369
LagartoSunk by surface craftAll hands lost5/3/45371
PerchSunk by surface craftAll taken prisoner, 8 died in POW camp3/3/42176
PickeralSunk by surface craftAll hands lost4/3/43177
PompanoSunk by enemy minesAll hands lost8/29/43181
RobaloSunk by enemy mines77 men lost, survivors taken prisoner none survived POW camp7/26/44273
RunnerSunk by enemy minesAll hands lost5/28/43275
ScampSunk by surface craft & aerial bombsAll hands lost11/9/44277
ScorpionSunk by enemy minesAll hands lost1/5/44278
SculpinSunk by surface craft63 men lost, 21 survivors taken prisoner11/19/43191
SealionSunk by aerial bombs4 men lost (First sub lost in WWII)12/10/41195
SeawolfSunk by friendly destroyersAll hands lost + 17 army personnel10/3/44197
Shark ISunk by surface craftAll hands lost2/11/42174
Shark IISunk by surface craftAll hands lost10/24/44314
SnookSunk cause unknownAll hands lost4/8/45279
SwordfishSunk cause unknownAll hands lost1/12/45193
TangSunk by own torpedo78 men lost, 9 survivors taken prisoner10/24/44306
TriggerSunk by surface craft & aerial bombsAll hands lost3/26/45237
TritonSunk by surface craftAll hands lost3/15/43201
TroutSunk by surface craftAll hands lost2/28/44202
TullibeeSunk by own torpedo79 men lost, 1 survivor taken prisoner3/26/44284
WahooSunk by aerial bombsAll hands lost10/11/43238